Production Info

Running Time:
89 minutes
Andrew Simpson
Production Co.:
Scrunch Munch Films
Andrew Simpson
Supervising Editor:
Andrew Simpson
Picture Editor:
Todd Buhmiller
Assistant Editor:
Josh Hurlburt
Camera Operator:
Guillaume Mazille
Story Consultant:
Tina Sarantis
Post production Services:
Jump Studio Ltd.
Post Production Manager:
Brian Vos
Post Production Supervisor:
Paige Bonnetta
Jeff August
Assistant Colorist:
Brock Roberts
Audio Post Production:
Six Degrees Studio inc.
Dialogue Editor:
Rich Crooks
Backgrounds Editor:
Nacime Goian
Sound Effects Editors:
Jeff Yellen and Jeff 'the wind' Sinclair
Re-recording Mixer:
John Laquinta
Original Score Composition:
Alex Harrison and Andrea Wettstein
Titles and Credits
Solid Green Inc.
Creative Director
Ken Bitz
Project Manager
Susan de St. Jorre

Wolf Trainers

  • Andrew Simpson
  • Rowan Harland
  • David Gilchrist
  • Cory Gwyn
  • Marie Schneider
  • Sally Jo Sousa
  • Alexis De Mangelaere
  • Mike Scriba
  • Mark Breese
  • Guillaume Mazille
  • Katherine Engelmann


  • Digger
  • Sweet Pea
  • Duke
  • Ash
  • Scrunch
  • Arthur
  • Tyka
  • Jack
  • Tank
  • Leo
  • Quigley
  • Thunder
  • Ripley
  • 2-toes
  • Toby
  • Jade
  • Argos
  • Zinger
  • T-Bone

"…intensely engaging and a touching portrayal…a remarkable accomplishment caught on film…" - Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival

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